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Success Story of Paul Wolf

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Ugne Sineviciute March 16, 2022

“A bad day, week, or year doesn’t mean failure. Learn something from it and do what you know best”.

Beginning. Why did you want to lose weight? What encouraged you to take action and start changing your lifestyle?

In high school and into my early twenties, I was a distance runner. I trained and ran races, so I easily maintained my weight of about 132lbs at six foot one. When I worked for my family’s business in my 30s and 40s, I didn’t have time to train, and I gained a lot of weight, around 115 pounds more up to 245. I wanted to lose weight over the years and could lose 10 to 20 pounds, but life stresses would reappear, and diet and counting calories were relegated but to a lower priority, and I would be back to 245 or 265.

Last year, I started off-road motorcycling again, and I spent a lot of time on my dirt bike to get it where I wanted it. After getting the bike dialed in, I turned my attention to my health and conditioning so I could get more enjoyment riding off-road. My initial goal was 180–190 pounds. I then refined my goal to match the medical or sports medicine data for my body type and now plan to go into maintenance at 170.

What was your weight goal?

I believe my ideal body weight should be 170, but I am using a Bod-Pod body composition and weight system that will give the exact number I should maintain. So, between 180 to 165lbs.

Did you have any struggles or setbacks that kept you dissatisfied with your results?

Success and compliments can be the biggest challenge because they can derail my focus. You have to keep working every day, and the work continues even in the maintenance phase. Again a bad day, week, or year doesn’t mean failure. Learn something from it and do what you know to do.

How did you feel back then?

I wasn’t happy, the hot weather really was unpleasant, and I had a lot of back and knee pain.

What results have you achieved?

I have lost three belt and pants sizes, from a 42 waist to a 34, in three months. I have gone from a 3XL to a large shirt jacket.

Which method of intermittent fasting worked the best for you?

I typically do an 18:6 fast, but I do 16:8 fasts to keep my body from adapting. Occasionally, I will stretch a fast to 22–23 hours with an hour or two eating window before going back to my 18:6 routine.

How long did it take to see a difference?

I was surprised to lose about 10 pounds a month for the first three months.

When did you find out about the DoFasting app?

I knew about the app before deciding to do fasting. I consulted with my doctor and had a blood panel done with the idea of rechecking the panel this April.

Did you feel any significant health improvements? Increased energy levels or anything similar?

Hey, tying my shoes without losing my breath or turning red is big! I used to take multi-hour afternoon naps, so my energy is way up. Now I take a two or three-hour walk after work.

What would you like to tell others who are starting their journey?

Pictures are important. Don’t get consumed with the scale because your weight fluctuates. Also, this is a lifestyle and not a diet.

Anything interesting about your journey? Perhaps tips and tricks?

Learn all you can, but even then, your body is unique, and you have to try things to get continued results. A pinch of salt and water is my go-to trick to extend a fast when I get hungry. Hunger comes and goes in waves.


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Ugne Sineviciute Brand Manager

Ugne Sineviciute


Ugne Sineviciute is the Brand Manager at DoFasting who graduated from Vytautas Magnus University with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in International Relations. After 3 years of improving her communication skills, she is now the person behind DoFasting’s community. Ugne’s primary focus is to use her industry knowledge to make digital health and wellness accessible to everyone.


You can find Ugne on LinkedIn.

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